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More News!

Posted by Monty Roberts on 02/21/2019


Mike Hanley has been appointed commander of the Special Operations Command. 


And, I have created one other command, the Coast Guard Air Command. 


So, we have still have two vacancies:  the Air Combat Command, and the Coast Guard Air Command.


The requirements are that you fly at least one flight every 30 days, and be willing to create at least one Event for your command each month.  Anyone interested in either command should contact me. 





Posted by Monty Roberts on 01/31/2019


We can now assign multiple pilots to air bases.  All pilots assigned to a base can now approve PIREPs at that base.  So, there is no longer a need to designate base commanders.  The position of base commander has been replaced by the position of MAJCOM commander. 


I have also made a change to the PIREP Approval page.  Now, there are only green Approve buttons on each PIREP line.  


We have temporarily closed Altus AFB, and transferred all pilots stationed at Altus to other air bases.  Altus will reopen at some point in the future as a part of the new Air Education and Training Command. 


Going forward, new pilots will choose their base assignment from the air base list on the registration form.  The list now includes all AMC bases, the headquarters of each current MAJCOM, and a few other bases. 


This option also extends to current pilots.  If you want to transfer to an occupied base, you can. 




smartCARS for AMC Virtual

Posted by Monty Roberts on 01/23/2019


I recently purchased a custom version of smartCARS for AMC Virtual.  It uses our logo, and our website color theme. 


Download information is in the SMARTCARS GUIDE under the Communications Tab.


Here are some notable features:

  • You can create smartCARS Charter Flights.
  • When you fly AMCv Scheduled Flights, smartCARS gives you the option to change the aircraft type.
  • SmartCARS has Private Chat, Airline Chat (AMCv Pilots), and Global Chat (Pilots from other VAs using smartCARS). 
  • You can play JetStream Radio at the bottom of the window.  And, the JetStream DJ is usually in Global Chat.  (I’m a little too old for this kind of music, but some of you younger pilots might enjoy it.)
  • For a monthly fee, they also offer a Premium service that includes a flight recovery feature.
  • And, they have Tech Support!!!


Let me know what you think about it. 




Flight Hour Chart

Posted by Monty Roberts on 01/11/2019




Here is a chart that shows how we have spent our flight hours over the last two years.





Posted by Monty Roberts on 12/30/2018


In an effort to streamline our website a little, I have hidden all Assignments except the Fast Track missions.  The hidden missions will still be available upon request.


Since there are now only Fast Track missions in Assignments, I have also changed the name of the Assignments link to "Fast Track" to make the Fast Track missions easier to find.  


Another thing I have done is change the name of the Open Sky Flights back to Charter Flights.  Hopefully, this will make finding Charter Flights less confusing.  



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AMC0029 Mark Di Domenico has filed a PIREP from EGUN to LTAG View Flight Report

AMC0020 Mike Hanley has filed a PIREP from KWRI to LPLA View Flight Report

AMC0025 Tim Knight has filed a PIREP from KMUO to KSUU View Flight Report

AMC0029 Mark Di Domenico has filed a PIREP from LPLA to EGUN View Flight Report

AMC0020 Mike Hanley has filed a PIREP from LPLA to KWRI View Flight Report

AMC0014 Bill Bender has filed a PIREP from KLFI to KOFF View Flight Report