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AMC Virtual is currently recruiting Military Pilots and Commercial Airline Pilots.  We are a military flight club.  We primarily fly military cargo.  But, we have the option to fly bombers, fighters, and other military aircraft.  And, we can also fly heavy Commercial Airliners and heavy Commercial Freighters, known to the military as CRAF aircraft.  We fly the best of both worlds. 


     We are a flight club, so no one will tell you what, when, or where to fly. 

     We have some Fast Track military missions that lead to quicker advancement.

     You can fly military aircraft, and commercial aircraft. 

     You can fly any country’s military aircraft. 

     You can fly offline.

     You can fly the way you want to fly. 

     smartCARS or Manual PIREP. 

     Approve your own PIREPs! 

     Receive up to 900 transfer hours for your flights with other VAs. 


If you are looking for a new home base, we have a place for you. 



Monty Roberts, Chief of Staff, AMC Virtual