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New Microsoft Flight Simulator

Posted by Monty Roberts on 10/08/2019

I have had my head buried in two personal projects for the last few months.  So, I was stunned when I came across the following news story! 


On June 23, Microsoft announced that they will release a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator sometime in 2020.  I found out about it this evening when I watched a YouTube video titled: “Microsoft Flight Simulator In-Depth Preview (4K)”. 


According to the reviewer in the video, the new version is based on FSX, and will have a map accuracy of centimeters.  To illustrate the accuracy of the map, he said that he was able to fly over his own house in the sim.  


Here is the YouTube link for the video:


If you have comments, updates, or related video links please post them on the Forum in the Discussions section. 





Posted by Monty Roberts on 07/01/2019


Over the next few months, Mike Hanley will begin taking over some of our admin duties.  Thank you Mike!


Since joining us in 2018, Mike has consistently been our top pilot for flight hours.  He has completed the Fast Track Sequence, and is our third 6 Star General! 


I know we all appreciate Mike’s dedication to AMCv, and his ability to achieve such lofty goals in a relatively short amount of time. 


Mike recently noticed that the Event module does not always correctly issue ribbons.  So, one of the first things he will be doing is to verify that all of our pilots have been awarded their ribbons. 


So, if you receive an email from Mike regarding ribbons, he is just making sure that you have received the ribbons you have earned. 


Best Regards,



AMC/SOC/VAC Missions

Posted by Monty Roberts on 05/23/2019

I have reactivated a ton of AMC, SOC, and VAC Missions.  They are available under the Fast Track Tab; however, they are not Fast Track Missions. 


I know this will clutter up the Fast Track Tab again, but we have a lot of new pilots who have not seen these missions. 


If you are flying the Fast Track, remember that the Fast Track flights are designated by an asteric (*) at the end of the mission name, i.e. AMC: European CMD*. 


So, missions like AMC: Rhein Main AB, AMC: Ramstein AB, and AMC: Texas are not required for the Fast Track.  


Also, I made a couple of changes to the available aircraft.  I added the C-117D to VAC: Cam Ranh, and I added the H-60 to AMC: Texas. 




smartCARS for AMC Virtual

Posted by Monty Roberts on 01/23/2019


I recently purchased a custom version of smartCARS for AMC Virtual.  It uses our logo, and our website color theme. 


Download information is in the SMARTCARS GUIDE under the Communications Tab.


Here are some notable features:

  • You can create smartCARS Charter Flights.
  • When you fly AMCv Scheduled Flights, smartCARS gives you the option to change the aircraft type.
  • SmartCARS has Private Chat, Airline Chat (AMCv Pilots), and Global Chat (Pilots from other VAs using smartCARS). 
  • You can play JetStream Radio at the bottom of the window.  And, the JetStream DJ is usually in Global Chat.  (I’m a little too old for this kind of music, but some of you younger pilots might enjoy it.)
  • For a monthly fee, they also offer a Premium service that includes a flight recovery feature.
  • And, they have Tech Support!!!


Let me know what you think about it. 




Flight Hour Chart

Posted by Monty Roberts on 01/11/2019

Here is a new chart that shows how we have spent our flight hours up to now.



Compare that with how we spent our flight hours up to 01-11-19.





Some interesting changes has taken place over the last two months.




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