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Fast Track Cargo Sequence


To qualify for an AMCv Fast Track Promotion, you must complete the following missions:

AMC: European Cmd * 

AMC: Northeastern Cmd * 

AMC: Pacific Cmd * 

AMC: Southeastern Cmd * 

AMC: Western Cmd * 

AMC: Mobilization, Afghanistan War * 

AMC: Mobilization, Gulf War *  

AMC: Mobilization, Iraq War * 

AMC: Desert Express 

AMC: European Desert Express 

AMC: Headquarters Inspection Tour * 


These missions are designed to simulate being stationed at a single base for an extended period of time, then moving on to the next assignment in your career path.  


Before you can sign up for the Headquarters Inspection Tour, you must attain the rank of Colonel.  


After completion of the Headquarters Inspection Tour, you will be awarded the AMCv Fast Track Badge.  You will also receive an additional 300 flight hours, which will give you an immediate promotion.