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CRAF Flights


CRAF flights are designated as CRF flights in our flight schedule.  We have two types of CRF flights.  First, there are hyphenated flight numbers.  The hyphenated flight numbers designate flights, inspired by  The first set of numbers in the flight number are the flight number, and the number after the hyphen designate the leg number. 


Next, there are four-digit flight numbers.  These flight numbers are flights we created to fill in gaps in the flight data, or they are flights we created as theoretical CRAF flights. 


To search for a CRAF flight, click on SCHEDULES.  Then, just under the Search Schedules header, in small print, there is a link titled By Airline.  Click inside the search box, and select Civil Reserve Air Fleet.  Then, click Find Flights.  This will give you a list of all scheduled CRAF flights, sorted by flight number. 


Otherwise, you can search by departure airport, and look for CRF flights in the search results list.