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Charter Flights


Here are the instructions for Charter Flights:

1.  Mouse over the Military Ops Tab, and select Charter Flights.

2.  Click on the link labeled, Create a Charter Flight.

3.  Enter the Departure ICAO Code.

4.  Enter the Arrival ICAO Code.

5.  Select your Aircraft.

6.  Select a time.

7.  Click Create Flight.

8.  The Charter Flight List will appear on the screen.

9.  Scroll to the bottom of this list.  Your flight will be the last one.

10. Click the DETAILS link on the right.

11. Your flight information will be displayed here. 

12. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the Fly Now! button.

13. You should see a big green checkmark on the screen.

14. Under the checkmark, click on the Go Flying! button.  You will see your flight displayed here.  

15. Now you can choose your flight in the smartCARS flight list.