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Troop Deployment - Leg 3

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Event Title: Troop Deployment - Leg 3
Begin: 15.03.2019 00:01z
Until: 18.03.2019 23:59z
Allowed Aircraft: B747
Departure Airport(s): LICZ
Arrival Airport(s): OBBI


MIssion Name: Troop Deployment/supplies.

Mission Command: LTCOL Knight/CRAF

This mission was requested by DOD to assist with moving some new troops and their supplies from NAS Norfolk (KNGU) to Bahrain (OBBI). Return will bring redeploying troops back home to KNGU.

Aircraft: B747 (MD-11 and B767 can be selected in smartCARS)


NOTE: This flight is derived from real CAMBER 181 flights flown from KNGU. CAMBER being the flight name given to CRAF flights.  


NOTE 2: Everyone is welcome to fly this leg, even if you did not fly the previous flights. 

NOTE 3: You are free to substitute appropriate aircraft using smartCAR. 

Event Flights

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Attending Pilots

AMC1 Monty Roberts LICZ 00:01 OBBI
AMC14 Bill Bender LICZ 00:01 OBBI
AMC20 Mike Hanley LICZ 00:01 OBBI
AMC25 Tim Knight LICZ 00:01 OBBI
AMC29 Mark Di Domenico LICZ 00:01 OBBI